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Sunday, May 21, 2006

No, This Ain't Your Playground

Garlic? Check. Rowan berries? Check. Crucifix? Check.
Ok, I think we're safe now.

My husband is worried about me. When I told him I wanted to start a blog, he said "What! Are you crazy? There are some real nut burgers out there."

See, I've kept him updated on the state of things in autismland, so he's well aware of the goings on I've witnessed this last couple of years, this year in particular. He doesn't want me upset and stressed, he doesn't want us to have to worry about being tracked down and harrassed by curbie/biomed/therapy of the month weirdos. I don't want that either, so...

So, before I ever put fingers to keyboard for this blog, I promised I would blog anonymously. Secondly, I promised I would make this statement:

This blog does not welcome curbie arguing, nasty comments about autistic people (yes, that means you, JB jr) or other highjinks of the underhanded, harrassing and juvenile kind.

Considering the amount of money and political backing curbies are getting from the likes of Autism Speaks, Generation Rescue, etc, ad nauseum, there should be no need to come cause any trouble on my humble little blog. There should be umpteen other places, all probably well funded and advertised in the New York Times and the next commercial break on your boob tube to turn to if you want to talk cure and and say insulting things about people like my family.

This ain't one of those places.

Now I have THAT off my chest...

Tomorrow my son and I start the adventure of studying South America. We're starting with a general overview of the continent, major geographical features, names of countries and flags of same. I have a nice little book, a traditional native story from the Amazon River basin to whet his appetite, a craft (we make our own books about each theme we study, tomorrow he decorates the front in addition to the work pages we'll add), and a bar of chocolate lol. Chocolate IS from South America, it's educational ya' know.

We're also going to use that time and theme to practice his own personal idea of torment, handwriting. He's progressing well with his writing now, strangely enough, since I've agreed to let him have a go at cursive. Isn't that funny, they say our kids hate cursive. He WANTS to learn it, in the beginning he said because he was hoping it's easier to write if you don't have to lift your pencil so much :) He's had two weeks with cursive, and is actually doing pretty well. The main achievement has been he's not so stressed and is enjoying it. That's a biggie in my book.

I'm so proud of his continued interest in different cultures around the world. Last year it was Asia, and especially China. That was a blast. I think it was his love of Asian food that sparked that interest, but once we started learning about the culture, the food, the stories and history, he was really hooked. We started that term learning about the continent of Asia in general, then worked our focus down, down to China. I let him lead the way through most of it, presenting general information and adding new topics as his interests were piqued on different aspects of the country.

I'm keeping positive thoughts and hopes for tomorrow as we begin a new leg on our journey learning about this big old world. I hope he enjoys this as much as he did Asia.


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