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Monday, May 22, 2006

Info 'Bites'

Answer at the bottom of the page.

Yeah, I know, it's not exactly a burning question. This will be our homeschooling surprise question tomorrow. I try to have a couple everyday-- just a little bit of information or two from the previous days studies to see how well my son's retaining and for a bit of a fun challenge. This little info 'bite' was funny; we both laughed while we watched a lady try one of these while exploring the Amazon rain forest. She was a bit horrified and squealed a lot. I'm pretty sure he'll remember the answer :)

I found an interesting commentary about the case of the three year old girl who was murdered last week. The blog is called Huff's Crime Blog, the article is Primum non nocere or can be found at

I found this interesting reading. The author speaks of the superficial similarities and very important differences between McCarron and his own mother raising his older autistic sister. A very good, thoughtful article.

I've spent a lot of time these last few days looking back to when my son was three, in fact, looking back to when I was that age, the difficulties he had, those I remember having. Its hard not to wonder about this little girl, this mother, why this happened.

But in a way, I don't really want to know. Knowing her reasons seems somehow disrespectful to the little girl.

I hope I didn't startle anyone into spilling their coffee yesterday with my curbie kit. I've seen some things this last year that I simply don't want to have to deal with, and I agree with my husband on this point: this is a necessity for me if I want to blog at all.

I've thought a lot about this...and decided I need to be aware of my limitations at the moment. As much as I feel the need to discuss our life, things we are dealing well with and things we are striving to understand better...I don't think it would be fair to my family for me to end up in a flame war. I did once, about something I felt so strongly about I simply didn't walk away when I should have. I ended up physically ill and completely run down, with no one to blame but myself for my stubborness.

Besides, if someone came on here and called my son names as I've seen happen to others, I think I'd just fall apart.

The answer, btw, is 20. Twenty coconut maggots per day will keep you on your feet long enough to find civilisation. They said they have a pleasant coconut milk taste, but the texture was a bit.


Crunchy :-O

Whoa! I just used spell check (for the first time on here) You'll never guess what word it picked out as misspelled.

'Blog'. No kidding. It suggests 'bloc' as a substitute.

How ironic ;-)


At 8:44 AM, May 22, 2006, Anonymous Bonnie Ventura said...

Coconut maggots, that's certainly the sort of lesson to get a kid's attention! Ew! I think I'd be horrified and squeal a lot too!

May I add your blog to my list of pro-neurodiversity sites on ?

At 8:47 AM, May 22, 2006, Anonymous Bonnie Ventura said...

Argh, that Blogger glitch with the disappearing website name is annoying! It looks fine in the preview, and then it vanishes from the post.

The website I was referring to in the above post is Aspergian Pride.

At 4:04 PM, May 22, 2006, Blogger Mum is Thinking said...

Hi Bonnie,

I'd be honoured to have my blog on the list, thank you! I've seen (and browsed through) your list, so links aren't necessary anyway :)

I put the print out next to his breakfast this morning, he did remember. I think it's the little things like that this that keep him (and me!) enthused about school work. It helps to have a giggle together.


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