Shh...Mum is Thinking

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In the beginning was the word...

Oh look, I have a blog. I've wanted one of these for ages.

What on earth do I do now?

Shh...mum is thinking.

I read an interesting article in New Scientist recently. 6th of May issue, pg 8. "Free will-you only think you have it". I won't pretend to understand quantum mechanics :-) But it is intriguing to think we are living lives that may be predetermined (or even preordained, if you're of a religious bent).

So perhaps where this blog goes, or doesn't, is inevitable, anyway.

I want to talk about autism. I want to talk about homeschooling an autistic child. I'd like to talk about raising an autistic child, as an autistic adult. I want to talk about art. I'm not much in the mood for chatting on forums, conversations take up too much brain power and energy when I have the need to use it on other things. Like painting, raising an autistic child (as an autistic adult), homeschooling. I feel I'm only alloted so much conversational abilities right now, I'm saving them for where they're most needed: my family.

So why am I blogging, you ask.

I'm working my way through a number of different issues. I think it might be useful to present them. Perhaps someone out there will have a useful comment to speed me on my way. Perhaps this will be useful to someone else out there. Mainly, though, this is a way to think out loud. Think my way through things.

Here's an example of what I mean. I had to stop writing a paragraph ago, I heard a thump on the back porch, where my 7 year old son was playing. I ran out back...

"Hey, little dude, is everything ok?"

"Yeah, I'm just throwing rocks through these spider webs to see if it can stop them"

"Honey, I don't think a spider web is strong enough to stop a rock."

"But, mum, why do they say spider webs are stronger than steel if they can't stop a rock? Steel stops rocks."

"Sweetie, if you spun out a piece of steel as thin as a spider web, it probably wouldn't be able to stop a rock either."

He thinks, taps his pursed lips, as he always does while the gears are turning.

He's a little scientist at heart. He comes by it honest, his mum and dad are the same way. We live our lives trying to understand, not really trusting the information we get. Throwing rocks through spider webs to see if they're REALLY as strong as steel, and trying to figure out the results.

What does it all mean?

Shh...mum is thinking.


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